Integrated prescription software

  • Prescribe drugs to your care recipients
  • Have an Electronic Health Record
  • Extract and print what matters right away

Tailored reporting tools

  • Large set of customizable multiple-criteria reports
  • Various free and proprietary formats such as .doc/x, .xls/x, .pdf, .html, .odt
  • Admins can create their own home-made reports & templates

A smoother billing process

  • Attendance grids & calendar
  • Consolidated data
  • Customized reports can be made on request
  • We can automate your billing with compatible funding sources

Manage your ISPs

  • The quality of life is a top priority
  • We provide medium-term ISP monitoring tools

Enhance your care services

  • A care plan
  • A schedule loaded from the prescriptions

A painless acquisition

  • SaaS = no setup required
  • A modern web browser is enough
  • A license-based price structure

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Our Solution

SociaNOVA's strengths


We provide a comprehensive solution, that allows you to coordinate the activity of care recipients, professionals, services, and your organization as a whole, in a simultaneous and transversal way.


With its simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface, our software is meant for any user to find their way in the application.


Our application is designed for field professionals, administrative staff, and managers, to use it in order to improve the quality of the services provided to all care recipients.


SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) consists in delivering a software available through the Internet with a desktop computer or smartphone.


Question asked to the professionals who use OGiRYS in their facility: What do you think of the software?