Our values


Ambitious and committed to provide solutions that exceed all expectations, we continuously analyze the quality of our services and the efficiency of our methods in order to satisfy our customers.


« Every act, every deed of justice and mercy and benevolence, makes heavenly music in Heaven »
(Ellen G.White)
The well-being of our collaborators and the understanding of our customers' needs are and will always be at the forefront of our preoccupations.

Why us?

We are a dynamic, ambitious and flexible company.
We smoothen the exchange of information that relate to care recipients.
We make sure to apply our values with our employees and clients at all times.

Senior management

Marcelin da Cruz

CTO (group) & CEO (North America)

Stephanie Blancou

Director, SociaNOVA Services (France & Belgium)

Badreddine Zeghiche

Founder & CEO (France & Belgium)

Mickael Bisiaux

Founder & Director of Business Development (France & Belgium)

Key persons


IT Project Manager


Marketing & Comms Manager


International Expansion Assistant

Our customers