Enhanced communication

The Sharing of information is a needed condition for quality social work. Good teamwork is what allows one to find solutions even for the most delicate situations. Sharing information means working together in order to improve the management of an individual case.

Among professionals
The teams have access to reliable information, save time while ensuring a pro-active coordination of the support providers, and effectively share information both internally and externally.
They also can exchange knowledge by sharing documentary resources and articles online.

With the care recipient and their family
The care recipient and his/her family are allowed access to a platform to exchange and share the following information:

  • Interactive sharing of the schedules, monitoring of the activities and the provided support, availability management
  • A communication diary to facilitate the internal exchanges and to ensure a better involvement of the parents in the life of the facility
  • Share documents and information that relate to the life of the structure and the organization

Publish one-question polls to collect the opinions of the care–recipients and their families, or comprehensive questionnaires if detailed information is needed.