Socio-medical activity

Because of the profound changes and reforms undergone by the ESMS in terms of authorization, territorialisation, contractualization and evaluation, the exposure of the taken actions and the mobilized resources have become inevitable.

As a response to such challenges, SociaNOVA developed a business application dedicated to the management of both the social and socio-medical sectors.

The SociaNOVA team consists of engineers and consultants who have acquired, during their professional experience, a perfect understanding of the social and socio-medical sectors, the specifics of the different types of care services, and the relevant laws in terms of service customization, quality management, traceability, readability and efficiency.

Our solution is based on three main activities:

  • Offer turnkey business solutions in SaaS mode.
  • Adapt our solutions to your organization by creating complementary features tailored to your specific case.
  • Provide project management services and user training.